Christabel Young Research Grant


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The Australian Population Association established the Christabel Young Research Grant Scheme in 2006 to encourage and support academic research in population studies. The scheme is open to all members of the Australian Population Association. Priority in funding will be given to projects that focus on some aspect of Australia’s population.

To apply for the Christabel Young Research Grant Scheme, download and complete the grant application scheme. Send the completed form to


Dr Christabel Young worked at the ABS in Adelaide and Canberra before her PhD in Demography at ANU on the mortality of Australian birth cohorts. She was a demographer at ANU for almost 30 years, and has been a Member of the ACT Electoral Commission since 1992, and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia since 1994. Dr Young's research has focused on Australian demography, including differential mortality, immigrant populations, the family life cycle, children leaving home, population ageing, and women's labour force participation. Her work has been extremely influential both in Australia and internationally and is still widely cited today.