Seminar Highlights - NSW Population


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The first Sydney based APA event in quite a while was held on Wednesday 11 September. The 50 participants were treated to a range of detailed and entertaining presentations. The night started with Mr Paul Roper (Australian Bureau of Statistics) discussing the ABS' recent changes to the regional population data, this was followed by Dr Kim Johnstone (NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure and APA Council member) presenting the hot-off-the-press NSW preliminary population projections, and after this there were three presentations looking at the implications of the population projections. Firstly, Professor Peter Phibbs (University of Sydney and new APA member) broadly discussed the implications for the planning sector, secondly Associate Professor Nick Parr (Macquarie University and former president of the APA) analysed the implications for the NSW local court and finally by Dr Keith Bramma (NSW Transport and new APA member) presented on implications for the transport sector. The Q&A session was engaging with questions posed to all five panel members, and many people stayed around for an extended networking session afterwards. Presentation slides available in the Members Only section.