Darwin to host the 2018 Australian Population Association conference!

Fresh from analysing newly released 2016 Census data, population experts, practitioners, policy makers, researchers and students will gather in Darwin on 18-20 July 2018 for the Australian Population Association’s 19th biennial conference. Along with stimulating content and great networking opportunities, delegates will enjoy Darwin’s perfect dry season weather, its warm and laid-back atmosphere and some ‘only locals know’ highlights.

Andrew Taylor, Senior Research Fellow at the Northern Institute (Charles Darwin University) is leading the organisation and says, “July is the perfect time to be in northern Australia discussing population trends and deliberating on the latest population research and issues. With support from the Northern Territory Department of Treasury and Finance, the conference will be fantastic value for money for attendees, will include contemporary and insightful themes and will be a great experience of the Top End.”  He encourages anyone interested in population related issues to pencil 18-20 July and stand by for more information on the Australian Population Association’s website (https://www.apa.org.au) or by following the demographyNorth blog.

See you up North in 2018!

Aerial of Darwin

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