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Journal of Population Research

Published by Springer from 2009
Edited by Dr Santosh Jatrana

The Journal of Population Research (JPR) is the journal of the Australian Population Association and offers peer-reviewed research on demography and population-related issues. JPR is international in scope and includes empirical analyses, theoretical works, applied research and contributions to methodology.

Australian Population Studies

Published in June and December
Edited by Dr Tom Wilson with associate editors Dr Elin Charles-Edwards and Dr Jonathan Corcoran

Australian Population Studies is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal containing short, high-quality papers on Australian population issues. The scope of the journal spans the full range of topics in demography and population studies. In addition to traditional research topics, the editors invite submissions on prominent contemporary population matters, real-world applied research, and policy-relevant issues. Reports of case studies, new demographic datasets, and public domain code/software are encouraged.



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